Honey Amp Kit

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The Honey Amp is a small, fully functional, practice guitar amp.  It features a darlington transistor preamp with gain, tone, and master controls and a power amp section capable of driving a minimum of 4 ohms.

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Starting as a Kickstarter, this kit is fully live and on its own now.  The Honey Amp features dedicated preamp and power amp circuitry as well as auxiliary input and headphone output jacks on-board.  Taking up a scant 1.4″ x 3.5″ PCB footprint, this little guy can be installed in almost any enclosure.  Full ground plane fill on the board helps limit extraneous noise and interference.

Pushing a 16 ohm load this amp will produce a maximum of 1.6 watts.  On the other end of the spectrum, running a 4 ohm load on a 6v PSU will produce only 0.35 watts.  I will say though, that 1/3w on 4 ohm is remarkably loud – running full volume your family will ask you to turn it down!

This board is designed from the ground up with tinkering in mind.  There are spots to adjust the gain on the LM386, you can adjust the preamp to be a clean buffer instead of a gain stage, or you can simply start swapping filter capacitors to adjust the tonal range of the amp.

Here is our official demo:

Our PCBs are produced by OSH Park.  All support for this kit is done through our web forum, in the Honey Amp section.

* Components in kits are all selected for the best quality in a reasonable price range.  Resistors are Yageo metal film, capacitors are by KEMET, potentiometers by BI Tech, and the 1/4″ jack is a Switchcraft 11.

Additional information

PCB Size

3.5" x 1.4"

Power requirements

5v DC minimum supply, 18v DC maximum supply.
Recommended supply voltage by speaker load:
4 ohm : 6-9v DC
8 ohm : 6-12v DC
16 ohm : 6-16v DC

Output power

4 ohms = Max 0.35w (clean 0.25w) @ 6v supply, Min 0.35w @ 6v
8 ohms = Max 0.85w (clean 0.5w) @ 12v supply, Min 0.3w @ 6v
16 ohms = Max 1.6w (clean 1.2w) @ 16v supply, Min 0.2w @ 6v

Heatsink requirements

No heatsink needed unless exceeding 11v supply on 4 ohm, or 14v supply on 8 ohm. 16 ohm loads do not require a heatsink regardless of supply voltage.



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